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Vigna del Lago

Vigna del Lago

Brunello di Montalcino
Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita

The northern slope of Montalcino didn’t use to be covered in vines, but was farmed with cereals, olives and cherries. In this area influenced by the Apennines, the seasons are more distinct, continental and the north wind significantly lowers the temperature in winter. Therefore it is the coldest Brunello area in this season, but also the wettest. This northern slope is a gentle hill: a feature more reminiscent of the Crete Senesi area, right next to it, than the two more rigid, steeper and warmer southern slopes of Montalcino. The climate and origin of the soils make this area of Montalcino the last to be harvested.

Vigna del Lago is the vineyard that welcomes all the visitors arriving from the north of Montalcino. It gets its name from the lake surrounding it which plays a fundamental role in the microclimate in this area; the soil is a continual alternation between clay and strips of very fine galestro.

The Brunello Vigna del Lago is a historic cru of the Val di Suga winery, which we have decided to bring back after years; it is a Brunello of old, before the arrival of barriques and technology, an authentic product that there is a renewed and significant demand for. It is a wine with a lower alcohol content, pale colour, with very fine and almost imperceptible tannins; a floral nose with citrus notes, especially myrtle-leaved orange, and fresh cherries. It is a Brunello with great plushness, roundness, lightness, with a salty and mineral finish.

Vigna del Lago

Grape variety

100% Sangiovese Grosso


From the “Vigna del Lago”, near the winery, on the northern slope of Montalcino.


270 metres a.s.l.


As for the soil, the northern soil is mainly made up of clayey-marl of Pliocene origin.


Fermentation is traditional, like it used to be done in Montalcino (with temperatures reaching 30°C for several days, towards the end). Once fermentation has been completed the pomace is left to macerate on the wine for a period of 15-30 days in order to obtain a natural softening and lightness of the tannins.


The wine ages only in 50-hl oval Slavonian oak barrels for 24 months. 6 months in concrete tanks and 18 months in the bottle.

Tasting notes

Light garnet with very bright orange-ruby highlights.
It is a Brunello of old. An elegant, subtle, soft wine with great volume but unmistakable lightness. The tannins are velvety.
On the nose, notes of fresh cherries, violets and candied fruit are dominant.