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Forbes Vigna del Lago 13

For Forbes, Vigna del Lago 2013 is a wine to keep at home in order to help you get through the long evenings in quarantine and dream of Italy.

Many overseas journalists have written words of support for our country at this difficult time. Katie Kelly Bell gave Forbes her view on how to get through the long evenings at home, dreaming of Italy and letting herself be transported by the ‘almost spiritual’ experience that the 7 wines mentioned aroused in her.

Among them, our Vigna del Lago 2013 seems to transport her straight to Montalcino and immerse her in our gentle landscape. This was her comment on the wine:

‘This is a spicy, sexy Sangiovese wine from a single vineyard site in Montalcino. The winemaking focuses on bringing the individual characteristics of this single vineyard site to life in the bottle—you’ll taste the hillsides dotted with olive and cherry trees, and the cooling influence of the nearby lake. It’s polished and pretty, with bright cherry notes that call to mind Tuscan sunshine.’